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Sitebike! is Media Art’s latest innovation in our quest to make web design and communication quick and easy for our clients to achieve themselves while still appearing professionally-finished but without the need for programming skills. 

  • This new technological triumph has meant leaps and bounds for our clients who want to create‎ their own websites but have limited knowledge of website design and/or HTML coding or little time to spend creating a site but still want the ability to create‎ their own.
    Everything Sitebike offers, from website design and layout to widgets, is entirely configurable directly from our friendly user interface. This is essentially as easy as drag and drop‎ right on your live site!


    What are you waiting for?!

    Get on your Sitebike! now by emailing our creative team for more information.

  • Postbacks and loading times often seriously influence mobile phone and low speed internet connection users and affects their online experience.
    Sitebike! site maker uses AJAX, SOAP and Webservice technologies to reduce data transfer. This basically means the content management system only transfers necessary amounts of data rather than loading whole pages with each transaction.
    Sitebike! clients can drag and drop‎ their desired layout and content without any postback or reload and every data transfer will be managed in the background and in a queue. This ultimately makes Sitebike! a very fast and efficient user-friendly experience where you won’t feel the anguish of data transfer and upload because it works like an offline software method even though it can be done live on the site.

  • HTML 5 and CSS3 are here! But with SiteBike! you don’t need to know what that even means! Sitebike! site maker has a complete set of tools to customise your controls and webpages. The site maker helps you design your widgets to your style and specs. There is no longer any need for you to try and explain what you want in tech language to a web designer! You can create‎ customs boxes, headers, backgrounds, borders, round corners, and so much more, all on your own!!
    You can also save and load your pre-designed layouts for future use. Sietbike! has a complete set of designs for your use, and this is one feature of Sitebike! that makes it coveted by so many of our clients. You WON’T find old-style bland templates at Sitebike!, you WILL find simple drag and drop‎ options to create‎ professional websites and webpages. 

  • On your Sitebike! now to avoid the upload delays and data transfer times that we at Media Art know you are likely suffering with your current website software!

    Uploading and managing files and folder were never easier than now. Just pack and zip files and upload it to file hosting service with multiple file uploader and monitor upload process with it's progress bar  and extract them as you packed on your own computer.

    Site Bike! Site Maker will help you to preview your images, sort and do special operations like Cut, Copy or paste. Also, We know sometimes you need to edit and organize  photos. with integrated Photo Editor by PIXLR.COM you don't need to find a computer with Adobe photoshop edit your photos on the way.

  • Easy to use meta data & keywords for better Search Engine Optimization(SEO) means that visitors will have better luck finding your site on the Internet.

    SiteBike! Developed using the latest search engine friendly techniques, they integrate Page description, META tags, Text tags, Google Analytics, Site Maps and more which all help with the search engine optimization process. You don't need any special knowledge or programming skills to register and verify your site on Google, Yahoo and Bing webmaster‎ tools.

  • To support multi-platform publishing across all smart and feature phones, media tablets, game consoles and more, SiteBike! CMS Plus supports Blackberry® Playbook™ tablets without the need for an alternate "mobile" site or need to download an application.


    The way you navigate the SiteBike! automatically changes from mouse on the desktop computer, to finger swipe.

  • It's hard to login to webhosting control panel to monitor, enable or disable or delete‎ or changing password of a mailbox? 

    Don't worry, we had prepared a simple and quick email administration page for you.

    You can personalize mailbox and assign name and detailed information for each mailbox and manage it's storage quota. you don't need any extra webhosting authentication or complicated email creation process. Also, you can assign different mailboxes to different domain names if your have multiple domain names.

  • Social Networking... It's the way the 21st century communicates today! If your business limits its online presence to advertising banners and blogging, it's missing out. The Internet provides powerful networking opportunities that allow users to effectively target their audience by logging on to social sites. Take advantage of these tools by asserting your company's presence online and reaching more potential customers, business partners and employees.Link your SiteBike! website to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,  Reddit and Linkedin pages to stay connected with your visitors.

  • SiteBike CMS Plus is powered by Windows Server 2008, ASP.Net 4, Microsoft C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Dell and HP hardware, and is hosted on high performance, reliable, stable, world class data center in Pennsylvania.
    Site Bike CMS Plus is hosted at 1and1 network in Wayne city, which guarantees 99.99% uptime to its clients.
     SiteBike CMS Plus has over 30 functional checks, monitored at 20 second intervals, with our engineers on call should there be an issue with our system.


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