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Media Art is the largest a resource of interactive media production, information, commentary, advice, opinion, research, and reference in the New zealand, online or off-. From search to social, technology to trends, our coverage is expert, exclusive, and in-depth.


Our mission: to help interactive people do their jobs better and easier and make a world a better place to live.


As a media and IT development company from start to the end, Media Art has developed its skills in many new different areas like advertisement and total solutions. In recent years our focus has been on advertisement and new technologies. Our focus is to not create products that are already available, but to add new and unique features that can set them apart from the crowd.


IT Solutions

  • System Architecture

    • API & Web Services Design

    • Web–standards Compliant

    • Java, .Net

    • Rich-Web, Flex/Flash, AJAX

    • Javascript, CSS, XHTML

    • Mysql, SQL & XML

  • Strategy

    • Engagement & Communication

    • Requirements Gathering

    • Identification of Goals

    • Project Definition & Plan

    • Product Roadmap

    • Milestone Definition

  • Design

    • Visual & Interaction Design

    • Contextual Design

    • Information Architecture

    • Wireframes / Comps

    • User–experience Design

    • Prototyping

    • Development

  • Marketing

    • SEO

    • SEM

    • SMM

    • PPC

    • Internet Marketing

    • Email Marketing

  • Webmaster Services

    • Site updates

    • Content writing

    • Blog setup

    • Turnkey sites

  • QA Testing

    • Load

    • Usability

    • Security

    • Functionality


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