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Drag and Drop

Adding, editing or moving controls around your web page is as easy as dragging and dropping them.
All SiteBike web sites contents and layouts are entirely configurable directly from our user interface. Widgets can be added and re-arranged by dragging and dropping right on your live site.
This allows you to create‎ truly unique layouts without any programming skills, limited by only your imagination.



Page states and views

Site Bike! webpage editor empowered by 3 different states. Browse, Edit and Catalog modes.

By choosing Browse mode you can preview your webpage instantly without navigating to other page just by one click.

Edit mode will help you to edit web page contents and customize control's apperance. You can change controls location by dragging and dropping them in this state. It's easy to change sort order of controls too without loosing webpage structure.

Catalog mode is the easiest and fastest way to append new controls to yourpage or changing their sort order. This state will help you to change page control's sort order without lading data. 

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