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Enhanced File Manager

A file manager is a big key to access to your media files on the web easier and faster. Sitebike! CMS Plus prepared a quick, useful and simple file manager for you. You can have access to your folders structure easy and fast. Also previews are available for Image files. 

SuiteBike! CMS Plus help you to manage your files and folders by adding filters, file type icons, different sort types like a normal file explorer. You can run actions like cut, copy and paste files online. File manager helps you to upload your files easy and reliable. 


Traditional file uploads are not friendly to users but SiteBike! CMS Plus will help you to check upload process and let you to upload more than one file at once. Enhanced file manager helps you to upload your files and structure easier and faster by using ZIP compression technolgy. Just prepare your file structure on your hard disk, Compress it to zip file, Upload it and unzip it with SiteBike! CMS Plus uncompress tool. 






Multi select operations


Cut, Copy, Paste ability


Multiple file upload at once


Upload progress


Embedded Pixlr photo editor


Password ready compressed files


Custom file properties


Confirmation on critical operations

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