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Web-based forms allow information to be collected from visitors to your website in an efficient and modern manner. In much the same way as traditional paper forms are used to collect information, Web-based forms offer the same form completion concepts, but take advantage of the Internet as a powerful information conduit. Some common form types include request forms, feedback forms, and guest books.


It's easy as Dragging and Dropping form controls to your webpages and configuring labels.


Where is data sent?

After submission, form data can be sent to one of the following:

  • an email address (of the web developer).
  • a script file (stored locally or remotely); this could write text to a text
  • file or into a server database.


How to make my form?

It's easy! just open your desired page or create a new webpage. Switch to catalog mode and drag desired to your webpage. All done and your form is ready.


How to to customize my form?

Form controls has their own properties too. Change page state to Edit Mode. Click on the Contents button and customize pre-defined values and then click on the save button.


You can have many forms in just one page. Just set Form ID property of each control. 


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