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Layout Customization

A classic webpage has different zones like headers, menus and navigations, advertisement or search parts. SiteBike! CMS Plus help you to design your webpages easier by providing different zones which they have ability to accept web controls.


You can add web controls as much as you want without limitation in each zone by drag a control and drop it on desired zone.

There are may different web controls available for your needs like

  • Basic Controls
    • Html Texts
    • Stat Counters
    • Pulldown Menus
    • Page Utilities (Mail to friend or print)
    • Automated Tags controls
    • Sliders
    • Booklets
  • Social Networks
    • Facebook Like
    • Facebook Comment
    • Facebook Activity Feed
    • Tweeter
    • Google +1
    • Reddit
    • LinkedIn
  • Comments and Contacts
    • Comments Forms
    • Contact Forms
  • Navigation and Search
    • Navigator
    • Automatic Sitemap Generator
    • Search box 
    • Search Results
  • Photo Gallery
    • Thumbnails
    • Slide Show
    • Image Caption
  • Form Generator
    • Textbox
    • Paragraph
    • drop down list(Combobox)
    • Buttons like Submit and Reset form
    • Radio Button
    • Checkbox


Each web control like HTML Text, slider or pulldown menu has it's own peripheral and appearance propertes which accessible through properties buttons.



Web controls demonstration


Web controls in CATALOG state


Basic properties of each web control


Each control is a box which is has it's own properties like header, footer or background color or pictures


Each web control could have a life time. SiteBike! CMS Plus will automatically shows control in exact time period

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