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Sometimes it's hard for visitor to access their required data fast and easy. SiteBike! CMS Plus prepared a powerful, intelligent search to help your visitors to find their desired information. It will be possible by dragging and dropping search control to your webpage. Also you can customize search results too. 



you can create Sitemaps easily by appending sitemap control of SiteBike! CMS Plus. It's easy to Add or sort sitemap tree nodes by dragging and sorting them. You may create as many as sitemaps you want with different structures.


Navigation controls

Navigation and navigators are another key controls of SiteBike! CMS Plus. Just drag a navigator control and drop it to desired spot. SiteBike! CMS Plus automatically creates hyper links to access to the webpage and it's parent webpages inherited from sitemap.


Sitemap Sort Page


Sample Navigation Control


Sample Search Results Page



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