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Old days of programming and coding is passed. You don't need to spend much money for a powerful computer for programming. Also you don't need a big library of reference books or a hard disk full of E-books too learn Web programming. It's never been easier than now. All you need is a web browser and Internet connection. Operating systems or Browser is not a big deal. 

Site Bike! will help you to edit your webpages without any extra knowledge of web programming or special software. 

Just open your browser and navigate to administration page. Site Bike! perpared a big bunch of prepared controls for you. Just choose a control, Drag it and drop it to desired zone and customize it's appearance and properties.


Web 2, HTML 5 compatible

Site Bike! prepared a Web 2, Html 5 compatible site builder which is easier to use for you as an editor and your visitors.


Good for everybody

Are you a professional Web programmer? It's very useful for you too. Site Bike! will gain your abilities to design your custom CSS or use you own HTML / Scripts. It's fast, Easy ,Stable and reliable.



Postbacks and Page loading times are pain on mobile phones and low speed internet connections. SiteBike! Site maker uses AJAX, SOAP and Webservice technologies to reduce data transfer. It means the content management system just transfers necessary amount of data and it's not loading whole page on each transaction.
You can drag and drop‎ widgets and contents without any page postback or reload and every data transfer will handle in background and in a queue. It's very fast and efficient which is you never feel any data is being transferred and it seems it's an offline software.

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