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Pulldown Menus

Unlike a printed publication, a website doesn't depend on a linear page sequence. When designing a site, it makes more sense to think of the site in spatial terms, with a structure like that of a museum which people will explore.
You can generally assume that your visitors will come in through the "front door" (the Home page) but where they go after that depends on the links you've provided.

These navigation pathways are like corridors that connect the various rooms of the museum. It's up to you as the "architect" to develop a sensible arrangement of pages and links so that visitors can find their way around easily, without getting lost.
With SiteBike CMS PLUS, you can use the Site Structure tree to visually map out the structure of your site and then add navigation bars that dynamically adapt to the structure you've defined.


Pull down Menu is a traditional navigation tool. User could choose desired page without loadin pages and move from one page to another page without spending much time to find his destination.


You can change look and feel of each menu Item individually or Menu Items can inherit their appearance by choosing a default template. Menus could be vertical or horizontal. You can be added to your page as many as you want withoud any limitation.

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