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Search Engine Optimization

First, Let's define SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

  • It's a way of helping search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing to find your site and understand what is's about
  • It's about helping search engines match user search queries with relevant results.

  • It's about increasing visitors of your website who are interested in your site contents
  • It's NOT about getting the most absolute number of visitors to your site.

How It works?

There are many factors to increase your site rank. we will provide you some basics which provided by SiteBike! CMS Plus here:

  • create unique, accurate page titles
  • Make use of the "description" meta tag
  • Improving Site Structure
  • Improve the structure of your URLs
  • Make your site easier to navigate
  • Optimizing Content
  • Offer quality content and services
  • Write better anchor text
  • Optimize your use of images
  • Use heading tags appropriately
  • Dealing with Crawlers
  • Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links
  • Promotions and Analysis
  • Make use of free webmaster tools


SiteBike! CMS Plus help you to bypass verification process of search engines easier by just assigning their key to your website easily.


SiteBike! CMS Plus helps you to define Keywords without any HTML Editing. Just click on Edit Basic Page settings item from Basic settings Menu and click on the Search Engine Tab. Just Type Keywords and click on the Save button.


SiteBike! CMS Plus provide you a professional search engine friendly TAG management which is connects related pages together by related Hyperlinks.

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