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SiteBike CMS Plus is powered by Windows Server 2008, ASP.Net 4, Microsoft C#, RP AI Engine, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Dell hardware, and is hosted on high performance, reliable, stable, world class data center in Pennsylvania.


Site Bike CMS Plus is hosted at 1and1 network in Wayne city, which guarantees 99.99% uptime to its clients.

Redundant Monitoring

SiteBike CMS Plus has over 30 functional checks, monitored at 20 second intervals, with our engineers on call should there be an issue with our system. Since our business is at stake, we respond instantaneously to all issues.


Dynamic IP Restrictions (Reduce the chances of a Denial of Service attack by dynamically blocking requests from malicious IP addresses)

Dynamic IP Restrictions for IIS allows you to reduce the probabilities of your Web Server being subject to a Denial of Service attack by inspecting the source IP of the requests and identifying patterns that could signal an attack. When an attack pattern is detected, the module will place the offending IP in a temporary deny list and will avoid responding to the requests for a predetermined amount of time.


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