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Form Generator

Web-based forms allow information to be collected from visitors to your website in an efficient and modern manner. In much the same way as traditional paper forms are used to collect information,...

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Layout Customization

A classic webpage has different zones like headers, menus and navigations, advertisement or search parts. SiteBike! CMS Plus help you to design your webpages easier by providing different zones whic...

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A file manager is a big key to access to your media files on the web easier and faster. Sitebike! CMS Plus prepared a quick, useful and simple file manager for you. You can have access to your folde...

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Paging / Slider Control

A jQuery slider or jQuery carousel can be very useful to feature important content on nearly any web site. The jQuery library has undoubtedly made the life of JavaScript programmers easier and made ...

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Search Engine Optimization

First, Let's define SEO(Search Engine Optimization) It's a way of helping search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing to find your site and understand what is's about It'...

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On-site Editing

It's under your fingertips! Old days of programming and coding is passed. You don't need to spend much money for a powerful computer for programming. Also you don't need a big library...

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Site builder Features

Key features  Custom domain name (Example: Your domain name will automatically be online in minutes. Point your current registered domain to SiteBike Multiple doma...

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Website Navigation / Search

Site Search Sometimes it's hard for visitor to access their required data fast and easy. SiteBike! CMS Plus prepared a powerful, intelligent search to help your visitors to find their desired...

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Mailbox Administration

SiteBike! CMS Plus helps you to create‎ and manage your email accounts and profiles easily. CMS Plus helps you to assign a mailbox to a domain name if you have more than one domain name pinted to ...

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Social Networks

Social networks are a part of our life. More than 800 million people are using Facebook and other social networks today. So, it's a great opportunity to promote your website or your contents in ...

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